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Meter Beater

I was in the city today and was just about to leave when I noticed the car in front of me's meet just ran out of time.  So I slipped an extra quarter in it before I left.  The interesting thing about this is that I had to go back in the city today and only had a dime which would get me 6 minutes.  (not enough time for me to park and drop off the cd I needed to deliver) The meter I stopped at was out of order and when I was about to get back into my car I notice a woman getting into hers to leave two automobles ahead of me.  Once she left I pulled into her spot and when I went to the working meter it still had 15 minutes left on it.  Talk about Karma….


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Easy Way to Send Flowers

Locate a random email address or an individual who does not know your address via search engine or other means, or email someone you do know.

Then select a virtual flower site ( or or find a picture of flowers to email to the individual you’ve selected to contact.  Then type a short message to try and make their day a little better and say, “this has been a random act of kindness.”

Also, try and send it to someone who is going to appreciate it if you can and explain how you got their email address.  (please obtain the address in a non-creepy method)


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This is small but it made me happy

I was buying gas at a gas station the other day and the total came to $16.03. (clearly not a full tank)  When I went to pay the "give a penny take a penny" tray had nothing in it of cource.  The lady working there however gave me three cents so I wouldn't get a bunch of change back which everyone hates getting.  I did not give any sign nor hint that I would like her to do this, she just did it on her own.  This was a small thing, but it made me smile.

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